Tuesday 20 April 2010

I Need That Record!

...is a documentary about the decline of record stores. It informatively covers the factors that have forced them out of business and features interviews with the store owners, independent labels and musicians like Thurston Moore and Ian MacKaye. It caused me to feel both heart-broken and angry but also made me think about how I listen to music. I miss vinyl and CD; the fuller sound and artwork that comes with them can't compare to an mp3. The latter is less tangible and I'm afraid that I'm going to lose my Ipod library one day! Still the powerful effect that music has on people is the same, no matter what format.

This is one documentary you don't want to miss. Pitchfork are offering a free streaming of the entire film, for one week only so hurry! Or buy it...

Below is a video of the Black Keys performing at an in-store gig of which a short clip was shown in the documentary.


I'm really into Wilco's latest release (the camel record) and they have a solid back catalogue to delve into :) Looking forward to seeing both these bands this summer!

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